Sullivans Cove - Single Cask American Oak Matured

Reviewed on Tue 19 Jan, 2016

It's distinct, it's a quality product, and it's damned tasty.

Australian whisky has really only taken off in the past five years. Now, on the one hand I'm very happy about this. Australian distilleries are making exceptional products and as a fellow "Strayan" I am proud to see great products coming out of our country and our distilleries making waves abroad. On the down side, I left Australia five years ago right before this whisky explosion which means I missed out on most of it!

Still, I've finally been able to obtain some of the wonderful liquid from this distillery. This edition is double distilled using Tasmanian barley and only the purest wilderness water from Tasmania's mountains and forests, then matured in hand selected American Oak Bourbon casks and allowed to settle and clear naturally. Each cask is bottled separately, yielding only around 250 bottles.

On the nose: Sweet bananas, apples and bowen mangoes. Give it a second and a bit of musk comes through, and old leather bound books. The nose reminds me a lot of Hellyer's Road standard offering actually. I really like it. It's practically begging to be drunk...

The taste: Taste follows up from where the nose left off. Lots of sugary, fruity notes including quinces, mandarins and sugared lemon peel. Followed up by just mild notes of pepper. Really good.

The finish: A long finish, a little soapy but leaves behind hints of dried fruit and sultanas.

Personally... It's won plenty of awards this whisky and it's easy to see why. It's distinct, it's a quality product, and it's damned tasty. It's the kind of whisky that I love drinking neat - complex, subtle flavours that don't feel heavy and don't attempt to blow your head off with peat or excessive finished flavours. Really the only down side for me is the cost - if you can find it this runs at £150 or $300 AUD. That's a lot of cash for a 12 year old whisky.

Nose:  93/100 
Taste:  92/100 
Finish:  92/100 
Personal Rating: 92/100 
Value for Money:  85/100 
Overall Rating:  90.8/100 

90.8 100 0