Canadian Special Old (Hiram Walker & Sons)

Reviewed on Sat 09 Jan, 2016

A cheap Canadian blend found in a supermarket in Split, Croatia for about £10. Better than the price tag would have you believe.

I bought this for the equivalent of about £10 in Croatia... I tend to pick up these cheap, random bottles whenever I travel just out of curiousity rather than anything else. I'm not the biggest fan of Canadian whiskies but the way I figure if it's not a sipper then it'll always make a half decent old-fashioned!

On the nose: It's a pretty weak nose, I can detect hints of vanilla, a little sweet lemon and a fair whack of sugar.

The taste: It's not bad - very light and not much alcohol burn at all. More vanilla flavours, sweet sugary quinces and a little oak. It's actually much better than the price tag would have you believe.

The finish: Short, very short. A bit of oak, and bit more of that vanilla. But blink (?) and you'll miss it.

Personally... Look this won't win awards, and it's not even the best Canadian Whisky I've ever had, but dammit for £10 this isn't bad at all. Looking forward to mixing this into a cocktail to see how it stands up.

Nose:  70/100 
Taste:  85/100 
Finish:  75/100 
Personal Rating: 80/100 
Value for Money:  88/100 
Overall Rating:  79.6/100 

79.6 100 0