Glen Blair Pure Malt

Reviewed on Mon 04 Jan, 2016

Fucking awful.

Glen Blair. Ever heard of it? No? Me either, but I bought a bottle somewhere and I decided to open it. I like most whisky but this is fucking awful. The nose isn't that unpleasant but then again I have a cold so reality is it probably smells like a hooker's cooch after a hard day at work. The taste? Grainy. Supposedly a Pure Malt. I suspect they have only used the purest leftover malt swept out from underneath the floorboards of the distillery's mens room. The finish is pure diesel. Just raw, pure gas in the mouth. In fact, this would be better off in my Range Rover and considering the tank is almost empty maybe this will provide enough miles to go to the liquor store and buy something better. Has anyone seen my keys?

Nose:  40/100 
Taste:  30/100 
Finish:  30/100 
Personal Rating: 30/100 
Value for Money:  50/100 
Overall Rating:  36/100 

36 100 0