Black Bottle (Blended Scotch Whisky)

Reviewed on Wed 06 Jan, 2016

Good blend, available readily from most supermarkets for under £20. Nice bottle presentation.

On the nose: Oak, pine needles. Slight whiff of the medicine cabinet. It smells like a young blend, but not unpleasant.

The taste: Moderately spicy, with an underlying sweet tone, like day old apple pie. There's a hint of smoke at the back. It doesn't overpower, and it doesn't wow, but for a blend this young it's quite good.

The finish: Hangs around for just long enough to remind you it was there, but doesn't linger. Dries out to a slightly cinnamon-like, peppery finish.

Personally... This isn't going to win any awards, considering its got a price tag of £18 or so, but it's not a bad whisky all told. It's got a decent enough body to be consumed neat, it's not too smokey or peaty and should please mostly everyone. I also quite like the bottle and marketed style of this, it looks nice and would make a good gift for under £20.

Nose:  76/100 
Taste:  78/100 
Finish:  68/100 
Personal Rating: 70/100 
Value for Money:  80/100 
Overall Rating:  74.4/100 

74.4 100 0