The English Whisky Co - Chapter 14 (Not Peated Limited Edition)

Reviewed on Thu 14 Jan, 2016

Light and easy to drink with some tasty, sugary, fruity flavours. This edition was voted 'Best Whisky from Europe' in Jim Murray's 2015 Whisky Bible.

There is a good reason why this young distillery is one of my favourites. Well - two good reasons. Firstly they are only 20 minutes drive from my house in Norfolk so I have a bit of a habit of stopping in there once a month to check out what's new! And second, because they are making some really, really great whisky. This edition was voted 'Best Whisky from Europe' in Jim Murray's 2015 Whisky Bible.

On the nose: Very light, I don't get much on the nose to be honest (though admittedly this bottle has been open awhile and I have a slight cold). Vanilla, crossaints and sweet pears.

The taste: Fruity - definitely pears, bananas and custard apples. Sugar cane. It's very light in flavour and texture but there's plenty happening there. A very easy drinker but not one with big bold flavours.

The finish: Nice moderate finish this, quite dry but hangs around and with pleasant vanilla and fruity flavours again. Kind of reminds me of a really pleasant white wine.

Personally... I really like this. It's easy to drink (probably too easy) and is a nice step into the world of drinking whisky neat. It's not a massive flavour explosion like you'd get with an Islay or Sherried malt, but the flavours are definitely distinguishable and refined. A worthy winner too in my opinion, this is a distillery that is doing great things in Norfolk, England.

Nose:  85/100 
Taste:  91/100 
Finish:  91/100 
Personal Rating: 90/100 
Value for Money:  90/100 
Overall Rating:  89.4/100 

89.4 100 0