Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select

Reviewed on Tue 12 Jan, 2016

Everything a great bourbon should be.

When I was a teenager in Australia everyone drank bourbon. They still do - love the stuff. Jim Beam and Coke was the staple for 9 out of 10 lads. I hated it. Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek and the like were for special occasions (and to probably impress the ladies because, fancy...).

Fast forward about 15 years and there's a reason my photo of this shows an empty bottle. That's because this stuff **never** lasts when it's in my house. It's a near perfect shelf bourbon, and the perfect base for cocktails like the Old Fashioned.

On the nose: Orange peel, "Christmas Cheer" flavoured pipe tobacco, slight notes of vanilla and caramel coffee.

The taste: Solid... it has a firm texture if you could put it that way. Lots of dried fruit, royal icing. Nice woody undertones, sandalwood.

The finish: A long finish, sweet honey and hazelnuts.

Personally... I love it. It changes a little with the batches but it's always good. If you're a fan of cheaper bourbons spend a little more and give this a try. It's fantastic neat and it'll make your bourbon cocktails just that much better.

Nose:  90/100 
Taste:  92/100 
Finish:  90/100 
Personal Rating: 90/100 
Value for Money:  92/100 
Overall Rating:  90.8/100 

90.8 100 0