Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey (Moonshine)

Reviewed on Tue 23 Feb, 2016

How to stop drinking in 30 days? Just smell this once, every day for a month, and you'll be a teetotaller forever.

I bought this in Baltimore for the bottle - it was a novelty and I hadn't tried much moonshine. That was back in 2013.... and while I have smelt this a few times before I've never gone the whole hog. However last December I was in Alabama and Tennessee and had the chance to try some excellent moonshine, so I figure at least now I have a yardstick to judge this stuff by.

Here goes nothing...

On the nose: Corn mash. Vegemite.. a lot of vegemite actually. It stinks. There isn't a hint of subtlety about this - one whiff and you're transported to the woods beyond a caravan park where some hillbillies are running dogfights.

The taste: Paint thinners, really horrible grits, rubbing alcohol. Nothing pleasant at all. I had to hold my nose to get it down.

The finish: What finish?

Personally... I've had a few moonshines since during my recent sojourns to the South - including 140 proof (70% ABV) from Tenn South Distillery, and that was excellent... even though it packed a massive wallop. This stuff however at only 80 proof (40% ABV) is rancid. I already have a headache. It's nothing more than a marketing gimmick - take the worst shit coming out of your still, pop it in a mason jar and sell it to some hipsters. Consider me suckered.

Works well as an aid to stop drinking. Just smell this once, every 30 days, and you'll be a teetotaller forever.

Nose:  20/100 
Taste:  30/100 
Finish:  20/100 
Personal Rating: 25/100 
Value for Money:  40/100 
Overall Rating:  27/100 

27 100 0