Glenmorangie - The Original (10yr old Highland Single Malt)

Reviewed on Mon 01 Feb, 2016

This is the "session beer" of whisky if such a thing exists. Sweet, subtle, and very more-ish.

This is probably the world's most popular single malt (at least amongst those carrying a proper age statement). It's easily available, affordable, and came as part of a 10cl tasting set I bought , along with limited editions including Quinta Ruban, Lasanta and Nectar D'Or. I'll be reviewing each of these over the course of the week!

On the nose: Solid hints of apricots, lemon pledge and significant amounts of honey.

The taste: Very soft texture to this - vanilla cake, almonds and orange juice. Still quite sweet but not too much. It's a really easy drinker, and easy to see why it's so popular.

The finish: Moderate to long finish, dries out in the mouth like with notes of mead, honeyed wine and crisp white.

Personally... You really can't go wrong with a bottle of this. For £35 or less this is a no-brainer, as good neat as it is with a splash of water. This is the "session beer" of whisky if such a thing exists. Sweet, subtle and very more-ish.

Nose:  88/100 
Taste:  87/100 
Finish:  87/100 
Personal Rating: 87/100 
Value for Money:  88/100 
Overall Rating:  87.4/100 

87.4 100 0