Tenn South Distillery (Tennessee)

Reviewed on Thu 14 Jan, 2016

A small, family run distillery in Tennesee that is well worth the detour.

After a couple of days work in Birmingham, Alabama last December (that is Birming-HAM, for the British folks out there), I decided to drive to Nashville for a night and visit a couple of distilleries along the way. Obviously when in Tennessee a visit to Jack Daniel's is a must, but I was also interested in visiting one or two craft players in the industry, and Tenn South was a short detour on the way, so I decided to stop in and check it out.

First impressions: This is a true craft distillery... the entire operation is based in a single building! That's the tasting room and shop, the offices, the still and the bottling section, grain and barrel storage - everything! When I arrived there was another couple at the tasting table and you can see the stills and operations through a large glass window while you sit there. Really great and open.

Tastings: Probably the most generous tour I've been on so far. First of all - the tour is free. Second - there must have been at least 8 or so different bottles on the tasting table, including a 70% ABV Moonshine, Flavoured Moonshies, a corn whisky, Tennesee Whisky and a coupel of gins; and we were encouraged to try them all. My favourites were definitely the Apple Pie Moonshine which I really enjoyed and really did taste like pie, and the standard gin offering which I thought was a very nice botanical gin that will make a fab G&T. I went home with a bottle of that plus the Clayton James whiskey as well.

The Tour: Our guide was excellent and I am terribly sorry I don't remember her name now but she deserves praise for being both very informative about their process and products and putting everyone at ease.

Overall: This is a family distillery - everyone who works there is related in some way it seems! - and it shows in the care they have for the place and their products. This is a distillery well worth the detour.

Distillery Information
Address: 1800 Abernathy Rd, Lynnville, TN 38472, United States
Phone: +1 931-527-0027
Hours: Open most days between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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