Ancient Mariner Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Tobermory)

Reviewed on Wed 20 Jan, 2016

Like chewing on pork crackling while standing on the bow of a ship and getting smashed in the face with waves.

This is an 18yr old single malt from bottlers Hebridean Sprits and comes from a single cask no 349 from the Tobermory Distillery (says so... right on the sticker).

On the nose: Salty, thick nose with hints of sulphur. Something there I can't quite pick up. Reminds me a bit of an eastern European brandy, one of those fruity Croatian ones. It's not bad.

The taste: Packs quite a punch considering it comes in at only 46%. It's quite hot, a lot of pepper, that sulphury taste is still there. I'm getting hints of brandy soaked fruit but honestly not a lot of it. Salty, fatty pork rinds finish this out for me.

The finish: Lingers for quite awhile, rounds out with a bit more pepper, salt and thyme. I'm beginning to think this should be called the 'roast dinner' single malt.

Personally... It isn't my favourite sort of whisky. A bit too pungent and not enough softer flavours to round this out for me but it's not too bad either. Price is probably too hefty for what it is especially considering this comes in 50cl bottles so you're essentially paying 1/3 too much for 1/3 less than normal.

Nose:  82/100 
Taste:  83/100 
Finish:  85/100 
Personal Rating: 82/100 
Value for Money:  75/100 
Overall Rating:  81.4/100 

81.4 100 0