Grant's Blended Whisky (Ale Cask Finish Edition)

Reviewed on Mon 11 Jan, 2016

The ale-cask finish shines through and offers something a bit different and is a definite improvement on the default Grant's offering.

Grant's whisky is something I'd generally avoid in the supermarket aisle. I'm not sure why - I guess my tendency is to go for the single malts or the bourbon. I'd heard mixed things about this - some great, some not so good - and it was on offer for £14 from Tesco so figured I'd give it a go and make up my own mind.

On the nose: Grainy, it's obviously a young blend. Some hops in there - you can smell the ale cask finish coming through. There's a hint of fruit there.

The taste: It's got a more viscous texture than I'd expected. Fruity - definitely apples and apricots. The hoppy ale notes are still there, and a fair amount of cereal/bran. A hint of cider. It's alright actually. I don't think I'd want to taste this everyday, as it's a tad sweet, but it's not bad.

The finish: Not much of one. Cereal notes again, a little vanilla cake and a hint of beer dregs. It goes down very easily.

Personally... OK it's £14 so I'm not expecting wonders but given my propensity to dislike bottom shelf whisky in general this is actually pretty good. It's certainly better than their default offering and if you're looking for a sub-£15 bottle of brown that you won't feel embarrassed about offering to your friends, or you want to use as a cocktail base, give this a try.

Nose:  74/100 
Taste:  77/100 
Finish:  70/100 
Personal Rating: 72/100 
Value for Money:  77/100 
Overall Rating:  74/100 

74 100 0