The Corriemhor Cigar Reserve

Reviewed on Fri 12 Feb, 2016

A blended malt that has spent time aging in both bourbon and then sherry casks. A perfect compliment to a fine cigar...very nice indeed.

I've been looking forward to this one for awhile... I've seen a few of these "Cigar Malts" kicking about, including Dalmore's, and have wanted to see if they really are the perfect compliment for an amatuer cigar/pipe enthusiast! This sample comes from Andy (The Amateur Drammer) so thank you in advance!

On the nose: Heavy vapours of sherry, flavoured tobacco, dark chocolate, chocolate covered coffee beans and vanilla latte. You can smell immediately how the marriage of bourbon and sherry casks has really worked in this case. Very nice indeed.

The taste: The cigar notes come to the fore right away.... Ash, tobacco, dried fruit, cognac, and then evens out slightly sweeter with sherried fruit and Christmas pudding. It doesn't quite live up to the promise that the initial nosing had, but it's not far off.

The finish: It's pretty good - a moderate, spicy pepper that lingers on the tongue and burnt brownies at the fore.

Personally... I really like this - the nose is amazing and while the rest of the whisky doesn't quite live up to that initial promise it's still a very, very good dram. Even better when you consider this can be had for around £40 which I think is quite reasonable for a blended malt of this quality. My only regret is I drank this too quickly and didn't actually get the chance to try it with a fine cigar! Next time....

Nose:  90/100 
Taste:  87/100 
Finish:  86/100 
Personal Rating: 88/100 
Value for Money:  88/100 
Overall Rating:  87.8/100 

87.8 100 0