Glenmorangie - Lasanta (Sherry Cask Finish 12 yr old)

Reviewed on Tue 02 Feb, 2016

Fucking glorious.

One of Glenmorangie's recent "finishes" range, and came as part of a 10cl tasting set I bought , along with limited editions including Quinta Ruban, and Nectar D'Or. I'll be reviewing each of these over the course of the week!

On the nose: Chocolate, mince pies, sherry soaked tobacco, sticky toffee pudding. Delicious.

The taste: Like chewing on a glorious chocolate bar filled with raisins, sweet dried cherries, walnuts and dates. A bit of spice in there but not too much, this is very smooth, and very rich. It's just my kind of whisky.

The finish: Long finish, notes dried fruit and sharp, slightly bitter candied peel give way to a final burst of sherry sweetness.

Personally... Fucking glorious. Do yourself a favour and buy this, and then buy another.

Nose:  93/100 
Taste:  93/100 
Finish:  92/100 
Personal Rating: 93/100 
Value for Money:  92/100 
Overall Rating:  92.6/100 

92.6 100 0