Talisker 10yr Old Single Malt Whisky

Reviewed on Mon 25 Jan, 2016

Lots of flavour, readily available for just over £30 at most supermarkets and has forgone the no-age-statement for a solid 10 year old stamp on the label. What's not to like?

This is practically a staple of your average half-decent bar. Talisker 10 is a relatively cheap (£35), readily available single malt.

On the nose: For me this is quite weak. I get slight hints of peat, some lemon peel, fresh green olives and some saltiness.

The taste: Not quite a peat explosion, but definitely something of a peaty pop. There's the smokiness again, and a strong salty citrus tang. This is definitely a whisky that is "of it's place" - it does taste like ocean spray hitting the lips.

The finish: The best part about this dram. The finish is long, with a slightly sweet smoke - like sweetcure bacon almost = and it lingers for a considerable amount of time. Even after a minute or so there's still echoes of peat and lemon peel. Really nice.

Personally... A supermarket staple - lots of flavour with none of them particularly dominating. There's sweetness, smoke and saltiness enough here to please most palates. I also like this has kept the age statement which has become missing from so many supermarket / readily available whiskies now. Highly recommended.

Nose:  78/100 
Taste:  85/100 
Finish:  88/100 
Personal Rating: 87/100 
Value for Money:  87/100 
Overall Rating:  85/100 

85 100 0