(r1) Straight Rye Whiskey

Reviewed on Thu 07 Jan, 2016

It's pronounced "Rye One" apparently, but if you ignore the obvious attempt at hip marketing this is a very good rye whisky which makes the perfect cocktail base.

On the nose: Lots of rye spices, pepper, mild notes of bitter cocoa and cigar boxes.. It's not too overpowering but the smell is very pleasant. Very nice.

The taste: Good amounts of Rye spices - nutmeg, cloves and pepper again. Some dried fruit - prunes - and fruit cake. Best with a couple of drops of water to bring the flavours out.

The finish: Long and lip smacking. It's not powerful but hangs around. I like it a lot actually.

Personally... This is a really nice rye which is probably at the high end of the market in America ($55-60) but at the equivalent £40 or so is about what I'd expect to pay for it here in the UK. I like rye a lot and this is no exception - I had finished this bottle in no time at all and immediately wished I'd bought two. I don't think you can currently buy this in the UK so if you see it in the States be sure to nab a bottle. It makes a good Sazarec.

Nose:  86/100 
Taste:  88/100 
Finish:  89/100 
Personal Rating: 88/100 
Value for Money:  80/100 
Overall Rating:  86.2/100 

86.2 100 0