Cragganmore Double Matured 13yr Special Release CggD-6565

Reviewed on Sun 10 Jan, 2016

An interesting release that has become a bit tough to find - double matured in port casks it's a complex, smokey, salty, fruity combination that should win many admirers.

This is the Distillers Edition expression from Cragganmore, Speyside distillery. Every bottle undergoes double maturation in casks that have previously held a fortified wine - in this case it's port-wine casks in order to give the whisky a sweet and fruity depth.

On the nose: Oaky, raisins, a little smoke - like a BBQ somewhere nearby that you can't quite pinpoint. You can definitely smell the port finish.

The taste: Quite smokey - it hits you immediately. Reminds me of opening the oven and having bacon'y grill smoke hit you in the face. Salty seaweed crackers and faint notes of figs or prunes. Gives way to a nice smooth oak and moderate peat.

The finish: Nice, smooths out to a moderate smokey finish with a burst of peat, honey and salt.

Personally... I don't remember what I paid for this but I'm guessing it's probably around £60 or so. It's different but quite nice. Worth noting I seem to have drunk the majority of this bottle about 6-10 months ago and it's been sitting in storage ever since so it's had a fair amount of time to air.

Nose:  86/100 
Taste:  88/100 
Finish:  83/100 
Personal Rating: 85/100 
Value for Money:  85/100 
Overall Rating:  85.4/100 

85.4 100 0