Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 Year Old Rye Whiskey

Reviewed on Fri 19 Feb, 2016

Meaty, manly, sweet and syrupy. It's everything I look for in a Rye.

Hand on heart - I love Rye Whiskey. Ever since getting a cheap-ass bottle of Old Overholt a couple of years ago, this has been my go-to style, and I've tried a lot of them. Rye's offer something a bit brasher, bolder and more in your face than the average American or even Scottish whisky. I guess these could be considered the "Islay" of America! Love it or hate it, I'm definitely in the former camp.

Finding any kind of rye aged over 2 years or so is also a bit of a challenge. They don't really age that well - a few years and the flavour profile is just right - too long in the barrel and the rye spice can become bitter and overbearing. This 7-year rye is unusual both because you don't get many Rye whiskies with age statements, and even fewer at such an odd number.

On the nose: Astoundingly good. Everything that Crown Royal Northern Harvest should be, but isn't. Deep notes of brown sugar, bacon and good old Tennessee BBQ Ribs.

The taste: A lot of sugar - brown, thick molasses. Burnt brownies.

The finish: Moderate finish, there's a bit of minty mouthwash flavour going on. Fades out into a spicy finish with hints of dark chocolate and french coffee.

Personally... Love it. It's meaty, manly, sweet and syrupy. It's everything I look for in a Rye. It makes a mean old fashioned.

Nose:  92/100 
Taste:  91/100 
Finish:  90/100 
Personal Rating: 92/100 
Value for Money:  90/100 
Overall Rating:  91/100 

91 100 0