The Devil's Punchbowl - Chapter II

Reviewed on Tue 05 Jan, 2016

Another limited release from Arran whisky that has commanded huge prices on the secondary market.

This is one of those limited releases (6660 bottles from memory?) from Arran which sold out in no time and now commands about £250 from auction.

On the nose: Some peat, wet grass... wet canvas maybe? There's a hint of honey and furniture polish to it. It's OK, not terribly exciting.

The taste: It tastes a lot better than the nose gives away. There's a pleasant sweetness that gives way to spices of cloves, ginger and creme caramel. The mouthfeel is quite nice, oily but not too cloying.

The finish: A bit of smoke, peat again, lemon zest.

Personally... I like it. It tastes good, and there's some good depth here. The nose isn't much to write home about, but it's certainly a very good whisky all up. If you picked up one of these for the original retail price it'll be a good buy, but at the current prices being commanded I'd only be buying one if you intend to stash it away.

Nose:  80/100 
Taste:  87/100 
Finish:  88/100 
Personal Rating: 87/100 
Value for Money:  75/100 
Overall Rating:  83.4/100 

83.4 100 0