Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky - Rich Oak 14yr

Reviewed on Sat 13 Feb, 2016

A quality dram with a difference and a lingering, near perfect finish that will have you emptying a bottle far sooner than you'd thought possible.

Now, I don't buy much Glenfiddich.... Honestly can't even remember the last time I saw it on the shelf and even *considered* buying a bottle. I might have to change that because this 14yr rich oak is excellent and completely took me by surprise. The whisky has spent 14 years in ex-bourbon casks in the traditional way, before two separate finishes of 12 weeks in new European oak and six weeks in new American oak before bottling.

On the nose: A lot of vanilla, mandarin and a fair amount of toffee/caramel. There is also a slightly weird scent that only introduces itself right at the end... the only way I can describe it is "spunk like". Make of that what you will...

The taste: Definitely vanilla, and that oaky tannin profile hit you right upside the head immediately. There's a fair amount of sweetness there, along with a typical peppery finish common with oak aged whiskies like this.

The finish: The best part of this whisky, the finish is amazing. What starts off with a lingering peppery 'standard' finish quickly sweetens with sugary love heart candy, lemon cake and baked apples. It lasts for quite some time and really does round this off very nicely.

Personally... I enjoyed this far more than I expected... perhaps the reason for my score is because I felt so pleasantly surprised! Either way, this is a very enjoyable dram from distillery everyone knows about, but many of us avoid because of it's "commonness". Perhaps it's time to change that point of view...

Nose:  85/100 
Taste:  87/100 
Finish:  92/100 
Personal Rating: 89/100 
Value for Money:  87/100 
Overall Rating:  88/100 

88 100 0