Johnnie Walker Double Black

Reviewed on Sun 21 Feb, 2016

Like sucking on a wooden pallet soaked in dog piss.

Before we begin I just want to firmly state - I did not buy this. It was left at my house by a family friend who bought it from Heathrow on the way into the UK. That was in 2013. Since then it's been living at the back of my liquor cabinet and then in my storage unit with exactly the same amount left in the bottle as it had in 2013.

I spotted this yesterday when re-organising and well, if one is going to review whisky one must review all of them. I strapped myself into the chair, poured a slug and prepared myself.

On the nose: It smells like whisky. Just whisky. Imagine whisky in its most average, bland form. That's what this is. If I'm going to even *attempt* something a bit more descriptive, then I'd say it had hints floor cleaner and BBQ. But not good BBQ. Cheap-ass, £5 aluminium foil rubbish beach BBQ.

The taste: Like sucking on a wooden pallet soaked in dog piss. The pallet probably used to hold bananas. I hate bananas.

The finish: It's just all smoke. Someone has come along and lit that dog piss soaked pallet on fire. Can't say I blame them.

Personally... I'm fucking glad that's over.

Nose:  62/100 
Taste:  60/100 
Finish:  56/100 
Personal Rating: 56/100 
Value for Money:  58/100 
Overall Rating:  58.4/100 

58.4 100 0