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About Me

I've always enjoyed whisky but it wasn't until really moving to the UK five years ago that my passion for it really took it. I travel often, and am always buying whatever I can get my hands on from America, Australia, New Zealand, India, Europe and anywhere else.

I also collect whisky and have a collection this is becoming somewhat out of control.

You may notice my ratings don't include one for 'colour' - due to the simple fact that I'm colourblind! I do however have an additional rating for personal preference... hopefully this helps in deciding how skewed my view of a whisky is depending on my own personal taste (e.g. I prefer less peaty whiskies, and I am a big fan of rye).

If you hae a whisky that you'd like me to review feel free to contact me here.

If you also happen to live in Norwich with a passion for the brown stuff, be sure to join the Norwich Whisky Meetup Group and come to one of our events!